Why You Should Write for Influencers, Not Readers

Why You Should Write For Influencers, Not Readers


Influencer is a term that we hear about often, especially in the online marketing space. One of the more recent terms and phrases to appear online lately is the term, ‘Influencer Marketing.’

What is influencer marketing? And why, has it gained such prominence recently?

The simplest answer to that question is that influencer marketing is attracting and connecting to influencers within your industry, and then leveraging off the benefits of that relationship. However, firstly, we need to understand and define what an influencer is.

An influencer is not your average reader. An influencer is exactly as the name suggests, an individual or body of individuals that carry heavy influence within their industries. A reader is just someone who reads your blog, and they are not necessarily someone who carries a lot of influence in their industry.

Influencers are people who generally have thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of followers on their social media channels. They are thought leaders. When they write a blog post, record a video, or make a presentation people from all around the globe take notice because of their authority and credibility within their market.

A great relationship with an influencer has the power to transform your business and skyrocket your leads and sales.

The Massive Benefits of Writing For Influencers

Writing for influencers attracts some serious benefits for your business. If you adopt and develop a proper content strategy that is based around writing for influencers then you are set to reap many of the rewards below.

1. Sharing Your Content

One of the real benefits from adopting this strategy is influencers sharing your content. Remember earlier when we said that influencers potentially have hundreds of thousands of followers across their social media platforms?

Well, this is where a huge advantage lies because when they share your content some of their followers will click on the link to your content, and if you have a correct strategy in place, then you should be able to convert some of that website traffic into leads. It also helps to build awareness of your brand across various social media channels, and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll end up getting some of the followers from influencers following you as well.

2. Networking Opportunities

Connecting and building relationships with influencers attracts a never-ending amount of networking opportunities. If you build up a relationship with one influencer and gain their trust, then it’s highly likely they’ll talk about you to other influencers that they know and this creates a ripple effect where more and more influencers start mentioning you.

The kind of opportunities that this opens up for new business can’t be measured.

3. Credibility By Association

This is perhaps the most powerful benefit gained from influencer relationships. Every time an influencer mentions you on their social media channels, a blog post, podcast or anywhere else, you gain credibility by association. The concept of credibility by association is an incredibly powerful persuasion psychology principle and it’s one direct marketers and advertisers frequently use to increase revenue in their businesses.

The more you are perceived as a credible figure within your industry then the more likely people are going to trust you and turn to you when they need your help solving their problems.

4. Promote Your Business

Sharing your content or mentioning you online is one thing, but promoting a specific product of yours, or your business, in general, is another thing. Here again, is where a bit of that credibility by association comes from. It works like this, if your product or service is being promoted by an influencer, then what do you think their followers will think?

Naturally, they are going to think you must be credible and an authority within your own right because otherwise they wouldn’t promote you. No influencer would promote a business that isn’t legit and their own reputation and credibility in the process. You can see why this is such a powerful thing to utilise in your business.

A by-product of this promotion is that you also get the additional leads and sales that come with it.

5. Increased Exposure

The increased exposure and awareness of writing for influencers is massive. This can manifest itself in different ways. For example, you are going to get some more quality link juice that will help your business show up in search rankings. The more places you are mentioned online and linked to, then the better you appear in the eyes of Google’s search algorithm.

Secondly, if you are being mentioned on different places online and even offline for that matter, then it means more and more people are going to hear about you. They are going to become familiar with your website, your business, and this also helps to build the awareness of your brand.

The increased exposure that is gained from writing for influencers is massive and can result in huge rewards for your business.

How To Actually Write For Influencers

Now, you can probably see all the immense rewards available by adopting a content strategy of writing for influencers. However, you’re also probably wondering exactly how to do that. It’s generally a simple process and if you follow the outline then you’ll be on the way to creating content aimed at influencers.

1. Mention Them

One little trick you can do is to give influencers free publicity by mentioning them in your content. If you are writing content on your topic and you know that an influencer has done something that was particularly impressive, or achieved a specific result then why not mention them in your content?

They will be quite chuffed to see that you’ve gone to the effort to mention a specific result or achievements of theirs and it’s quite likely they’ll share your content. All it takes is one influencer to share or link to your content and then the chances of a ripple effect developing whereby other influencers then share your content increases dramatically. If this happens then you could end up with a piece of content on your hands that goes viral.

2. Create High-Quality Content

It’s one thing to mention an influencer in your content, however, the chances of them sharing or linking to the content you create are almost zero if you don’t create content that is high quality. An influencer isn’t going to risk ruining their own credibility by linking or sharing your content if it’s poor quality, no matter how much glowing praise you shower them with.

Whatever the topic you are writing on, make sure you conduct necessary research, check facts, grammar, and make sure there is a lot of brilliant practical information throughout the content. A tip for writing a quality blog post is to always plan it out first. Think about the kind of emotions you want the reader to feel once they finish reading the post, create a hook for the post, outline your headline and sub-headlines. All quality posts start with a solid plan first.

It’s also worth mentioning that content that is at least 1,000 words or more is more likely to be shared and also ranks better in search engines.

3. Collaborate With Influencers

One of the easiest and most effective ways to write for influencers is by collaborating with them. This is easier than you may realise. Often, the easiest way to get them to collaborate is by simply getting a quote off them regarding the topic you’re writing about. Send them a quick email explaining what you’re writing about and that you’d like to get their expert opinion for the post. That’s really all it takes.

Other options are to do a guest post on your blog, do interviews or you can even create round up posts regarding a specific problem within your industry. Following this strategy is an almost guaranteed way to get influencers sharing your work and creating an influx of traffic to your site.

4. Develop A Strategy

Before you sit down to write your content plan out a content writing strategy. Identify who the influencers are in your field and then develop a content plan around topics that an involve your influencers. You can always write about topics they are interested in and following the tips from point 3, you can mention them in your content regarding a specific topic, or ask them for their insights.

Develop in advance the kind of content you want to be creating and write out which influencers could be ideal for that specific piece of content. It will make the whole process of creating content for influencers so much easier when you sit down to write.


Writing for influencers, not readers is, something every business with a great content strategy should be doing. By writing for influencers, you almost always indirectly writing for readers anyway because you’ll have quality content that is well researched, more likely to be shared, and even go viral. If that happens then your content has the potential to positively affect thousands of readers around the globe.

If you’d like to find out more about how to you can develop this kind of content strategy for your business and increase your chances of being perceived as a thought leader in your industry then get in touch with us today.