The Storkey Media Approach to Authentic Content Marketing

The Storkey Media Approach to Authentic Content Marketing

Let’s talk about content…

We’re all content producers now – whether it’s tweeting, sharing articles on Facebook, writing blog posts, uploading video to YouTube, or images to Instagram.

Even Netflix and Amazon are producing high quality original content. The traditional gatekeepers and publishing houses no longer have the same sort of monolithic influence on the content we get to see.

But most of us are overwhelmed by too much information, overcome by FOMO (thanks, Instagram), overly tempted by click bait headlines, and frequently underwhelmed by the content we consume.

The internet may well have democratised content creation, but there have been some notable casualties.

Editing, proofreading, fact checking, and high quality original writing isn’t praised or promoted.

Instead we’re content curators, building listicles that reference other listicles, in the hope of increased traffic for our website, more social shares, likes, comments, and engagement.

But what if we created something simply because we had to? What if we chose to say things because something inside wouldn’t let us remain silent? What if our goal was authentic content marketing?

What if we spoke of the things that we’re learning, and the things that are changing us?

What if we told stories that resonated with readers? What if we earned an audience rather than targeted one?

We know that content creation and social sharing is important. We have to feed Google because we have to rank in search results, or else we’ll drown under the weight of reams and reams of content.

But perhaps we could list some principles, perhaps we could define some overarching ‘rules’, and perhaps we could hold ourselves to a higher standard.

The things that we write should cost us. The statements we make should be thought through and ready to be challenged. Our work should speak for us, and we should build brands based on old fashioned ideas like excellent service, high quality craftsmanship, and customer-centric experiences.

Authentic Content Marketing from Storkey Media

Our content should be one of a kind. It shouldn’t be easily found elsewhere. We need to stop rewriting, spinning, and generating, and get busy creating.

We need to craft things of worth.

We should consider artistic values like authenticity before we hit publish on a tweet, blog post, or social media update.

We should be nervous about the way our work is perceived. It shouldn’t be bland, it should sparkle with creative thought, original concepts, and be full of emotion.

Before we create content we need to ask ourselves:

  • Why should I say what I’m about to say?
  • Does this subject need my input?
  • Can I add value for readers?
  • Can I say something more than anyone else can on the subject?

At Storkey Media we’ve been thinking deeply about our legacy. We’ve been trying to find our voice, and we’ve been attempting to use it.

But it’s not easy. It involves soul searching, sleepless nights, and answering difficult questions.

Something that we all agree on though is that we want to be authentic.

We’ve developed a new house style to shape our future writing, and to hone our collective voice, and we wanted to share some of our conclusions with you.

The 8 things that matter most to Storkey Media:

  1. Content is important, but it’s not as important as what the content says or does.
  2. Generating traffic is important, but it’s not as important as who our readers are.
  3. We’d rather have a small audience that loves what we do, than a large one that’s indifferent.
  4. We want to rebel against poor quality content, and we want to be known for high quality work.
  5. We want to speak up with original thoughts.
  6. We want to stand out because we stand for something.
  7. We want to be aspirational through the work we do.
  8. We want our work to inspire others.

We know that the digital world is a competitive one. But it’s not just about churning out content, it’s about writing things that matter, it’s about creating content that stands on its own.

We want to feel like home. We want readers to congregate, interact, and talk with us.

Our aspiration is to craft the best content, with the best writing, and fill our website with useful, actionable, and relevant information.

We want to engage with our audience, and talk about things that matter to our industry.

Storkey Media is an integrated marketing agency, but we’re also a collection of people. We’re writers, editors, creative thinkers, web designers, project managers, people who take risks, and people who strive to create the very best work together.

We value every person in our team. And that includes our audience. We’re in it together, and we want to make things that we can be proud of, things that resonate because they have value.

We want our work to be notable. We want it to matter. We want to promote authentic content marketing.

And we know it’s not just about what we say, or how we say it. There’s magic in great art, and although we’re not even close to achieving that label, we want to bring the perfectionism of skilled craftsmanship into the digital world.

We’ll hone, shape, and craft the very best content we can. All we ask is that you read it, join us on our journey, and help us to navigate the treacherous parts, share in the pride when we succeed, and be there with us when we don’t.

We achieve the best things when we work together, when we set lofty goals regardless of whether we fail or succeed. What matters is that we try to do something excellent.

And we will. Bit by bit we’ll get better and better. So, join us. Read the content we create, and talk to us – you’re as much a part of the conversation as we are.