Do you remember that show, All the Gear, No Idea? It’s easy to make fun of someone who’s spending money on something they don’t know how to use, but when it comes to your business, if you or your team don’t have the skill and knowledge to use the technology you’re buying into, you’re wasting your money twice! First off you’ll have spent money on something you can’t use and secondly you’ll waste time and money on attempting to understand the system, or worse, you’ll end up paying to let someone on your team make a lot of mistakes.

At Storkey Media, however, we’re immersed in digital marketing 24/7, so with us you gain access to our in depth/expert knowledge of the best tools to use for your needs and the most successful way to use them for your particular business.

In essence, we know what works and share our expertise with you, to bring significant change to your business. We don’t just do, “here’s how to click a mouse” but we train you and your team to understand both the technology and strategy behind its use.

Whether you’re a startup with a small team, or a management team at a plc, we look to understand the unique situation of your business and provide you with tailor made training solutions. Our training includes 1-1, 1-group, in-house, events and online coaching.

Contact us now to discuss your needs.