When was the last time you set off on a journey with a passenger who couldn’t quite read the map? If you think back to a time before TomTom and Google Maps, you’ll probably remember a day when you ended up in the middle of nowhere! We’ve all been there… setting off down a country lane to visit friends for the first time, only to realise an hour later you should have turned left instead of right!

This might just be a minor annoyance, laughed about in hindsight, but letting the same thing happen to your business will cause a serious waste of your resources.

And enthusiasm isn’t going to solve it. Giving your social media or other online accounts to an intern or recent graduate is risky. Letting them spend hours learning from mistakes is expensive. Buying in software that is obsolete and not the best in market is disastrous. Why take the risk…

At Storkey Media we take the job of understanding where you need to get to seriously and combine this with our expert knowledge of the digital marketing landscape to produce a route that’s tailored to your exact specifications and goals.

We know your resources are a precious commodity that need to be focused in the right areas and we make sure that’s possible through our process of consultation. Whether that’s face to face or over the phone (often a combination of the two) we take time to listen carefully to your problems, understand your business and the landscape you’re operating in, and pull together a bespoke map and route, based on your desired outcomes, that will take you to your desired destination.

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