The original Letton Hall website lacked focus and functionality. The website didn’t direct customers to take a specific action, such as making an enquiry and beginning a relationship with the business.

The aesthetic was drab, and the website used an unimaginative magazine theme that lacked many layers of functionality such as:

  • Enquiry forms.
  • Social media icons.
  • No mobile responsiveness.
  • No booking system.

“Caleb helped us think through what we wanted a website for rather than just assuming we are a company so we have to have one, thinking through what we wanted it to be and what we didn’t need it to be, and also helping us to focus it on a slightly more limited focus rather than trying to hit all of the goals or hit all of the targets like a website so multipurpose it becomes useless or difficult to navigate.”

Danny Pritchard, Letton Hall Trust.
Images of the old Letton Hall site:
  • s1

  • s2

  • s3

Consultation Period:

There was a 2 x 2 hours planning and strategising sessions involving Caleb Storkey, and Danny and Alison Pritchard. Initially, there was a 2 hour phone consultation with Caleb followed up by a detailed consultation in person where Danny and Alison told Caleb what they required, and Caleb outlined an approach to achieve this.

“It was immensely useful in helping us to narrow down the purpose and the focus, but also in defining the look and style that we were hoping for. We came away very much reassured that Caleb knew what he was going to do and that we could trust him with the process.”

Danny Pritchard, Letton Hall Trust.


Letton Hall required the following from their website:

  • Easily updateable website
  • WordPress CMS
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Creating a booking system
  • Integration with database
  • Modern design visually appealing

“My ability to improve, add and update the website has proven to be excellent. It’s very easy to use. I’ve been able to create blogs from day one, I’ve been able to even create new background pages, information pages with links on the main pages and so on, and it’s just great. Storkey Media was a very good choice.”

Danny Pritchard, Letton Hall Trust.
Letton Hall website mobile view:

Branding Steps We Took:

Letton Hall’s branding was slightly modified. They had a logo but under the direction of Storkey Media they simplified and reshaped the logo into a clean and mono-colour image. Their new logo is now more consistent with Letton Hall’s preferred design and brand style.

Additional consultation was provided by Storkey Media on other essential branding elements including font style, and size for the website and overall branding guidelines for Letton Hall.

“We loved it from day one, we really like it and I am very very happy with it and the feedback from guests and friends has been very positive. People like the crisp look of the new logo and the little tagline at the space for you underneath the logo works very very well with the website.”

Danny Pritchard, Letton Hall Trust.

Design of pages and steps we took:

The design was very old fashioned and obsolete looking. There was no life to the pages, there were no links, they were very static and in general, it wasn’t an easy CMS to work with. Now there is energy and life to the pages.

The new website contains clickable links and buttons, and we’ve injected the site with personality. The buttons are visually appealing, and they’re big and bold. It’s more enticing for a visitor to sign up to the business newsletter than before. Overall, the current website has a fresh vibe and aesthetic.

“It’s just such a clear and lovely approach, and it’s because it lends itself to using pictures as well so every time a click link is a picture you’re able to say something more about the place with a beautiful image. It’s really good, very pleased with it.”

Danny Pritchard, Letton Hall Trust.
Images of the new Letton Hall site:

  • new_page_screenshots_1

  • new_page_screenshots_2

  • new_page_screenshots_3

  • new_page_screenshots_4

Photographic briefing:

The photographer was briefed on the type of photographs required and their style. The size of the photographs was discussed as was how they were going to be used so the photographer had a very clear idea in mind what kind of photographs needed to be taken.

“It was made clear how to take fine pictures and size them appropriately for use on the website. We have a collection of lovely stock pictures that we haven’t used but can do so in the future.”

Danny Pritchard, Letton Hall Trust.
Letton Hall professional photos:
  • TS1

  • lh_meeting

  • gocart

  • family

  • field

  • front

Site structure – Navigation, customer journey and UX:

The website layout for Letton Hall is now simple and easy to navigate. When a visitor lands on the website it feels much easier for them to find specific information and also make an enquiry. There are a lot more clickable links than before and these links are placed on various pages throughout the website.

This increased navigational functionality ensures that the customer can travel throughout Letton Hall’s website with ease. They can click on the “About” page and find links directing them to another important page, and this process continues on all pages so the customer feels like they are taking a proactive journey on the website.

“We needed to imagine ourselves as the customer and the sort of things we might have needed to do a little more. It needed a bit more imagination to play ourselves into the role of the customer and develop the relationship. It’s the little things that allowed us to add more links to the page.”

Danny Pritchard, Letton Hall Trust.

Specific Pages – Homepage and others:

The new website is much more visually appealing to customers. In general, the website features new big and beautiful images, that leave a real lasting impression in the minds of customers. It is a much crisper and cleaner feel compared to the old website.

The revamped “Accommodation” page was particularly impressive with how it cleanly presents three distinct venues. Each one captures the grandeur, the style, and the history of Letton Hall, from the Stables with its quirky clock tower, to the elegance of the main house itself.

“The first time we saw the website, we were just delighted, genuinely delighted… I think what Alison and I found incredible was how Caleb had gone from one conversation with us… and come up with something that was almost exactly what we had hoped and imagined it would be. We’re very very pleased with it.”

Danny Pritchard, Letton Hall Trust.


This project scope included the design work, consultancy, strategising and other necessary technical support. Communication between Storkey Media and Letton Hall’s staff was easy and done via daily updates and conversations so that the design of the project could be implemented just as Letton Hall wanted it.

“It was a good process and we got it done in a remarkably concise period of time really. So it felt a little rushed at the time but if it hadn’t been it could have dragged on for ages. I think Storkey Media run a tight ship.”

Danny Pritchard, Letton Hall Trust.

Sign Off:

The new website for Letton Hall was successfully redesigned and the process from the initial call with Caleb, to the implementation was effective at creating a stunning new website for Letton Hall.

Letton Hall anticipates that this new website will see a greatly improved process for group bookings through the website in the future. It’s also now much easier for staff at Letton Hall to manage the influx of information flowing into the website. Danny Pritchard was incredibly thrilled with the new website and the overall process of working with Storkey Media.

“We would recommend Caleb and the team to anyone. I think it’s just the very real professionalism. I think we were out of our depth, the last website was much more on a kind of mates rates friendly basis with a chap we knew, which was all very well, but it didn’t really produce what we needed.

Working with Caleb probably took us all out of our comfort zone a bit. Working with a professional design team was what was needed and in the end when we compare what we got with what people produce with sort of home-built packages; I don’t think we could have got close to this.”

– Danny Pritchard, Letton Hall Trust.

You can see the Letton Hall site here