how to set up a wordpress website

How To Set Up A WordPress Website And Blog
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How To Set Up A WordPress Website And Blog

It was a while back that Gary Vaynerchuk stood up and started spouting Personal Branding in his now infamous video. A firebrand was born and people went on to realise the power and necessity of personal branding.

Why waste the time doing stuff you hate, when you could be doing what you love? Of course to do so takes time, courage and energy. And it also starts with developing your personal brand. I want to cheer you on in all those areas.

Let’s get practical about your homebase. Your Headquarters online.

I’d argue that everyone needs a website. Everyone needs a blog. Whether it comes down to personal branding or growing your own business, growing your own space that is self hosted and owned by you online is essential.

You don’t own Facebook. And with Facebook preventing your updates from reaching your customers, and Twitter about to drive advertising in a huge way too, you need a platform you can own.

Building your own website gives you a platform to share your expertise, knowledge & wisdom and doesn’t need to be hard to maintain, promote and increase your visibility. It needs to be easy and as second nature as sending an email.

Because over time the thoughts add up, your network grows and the opportunities can scale.

But where do you go to work out the practicalities of doing it?
Do you need a techie?
Is it really complicated?

Is it ‘eck!

I wanted to make a video that anyone I knew could follow to get on the gravy train of personal branding. Whether it’s for you in your business, or you as an individual, this video is for all those who don’t yet have a website.

I break it down easily and it shows you how to set up a wordpress website and blog in 15 minutes. Why wordpress? Well 19% of websites are built on WordPress and with a global developer community, you’ll be able to get it to do incredible things.

I cover:

How to choose a domain name.
How to buy a domain name.
How to host your website.
How to build your own website and do all the fiddly technical stuff to get it visible to the world (I make it easy).
How to install WordPress on your website.

It’s easy to follow & shows some simple steps you can follow.

In this video is there anything I’ve missed you’re dying to work out, or anything else that you’d find helpful. Please add your questions in the comments below and I’ll be sure to come back and answer for you.