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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

blogging for your business

You don’t mind exploring some creative marketing ideas – but you just don’t see how blogging would work in the context of marketing your business. In fact, whenever someone says blog, you immediately think of those fancy lifestyle gurus posting minutely-filtered photos of their gluten-free brunch.

You might have even frowned in puzzlement at this very title, suggesting your business could benefit from a blog. Fair enough.

However, we ask that you give us the benefit of the doubt and stick to the end of this article. We promise to show you how creating a successful blog can do absolute wonders for your business – visible even on your firm’s financial statement at the end of the year.

So, why should you blog?

  1. It’s incredibly simple

Even if computers are not your forte, you can nail a blog with ease. Thanks to some incredible, and even more importantly, user-friendly blogging tools out there, publishing content online is now as easy as a picnic. We prefer WordPress, and in this step-by-step video we show you how to set up one in a mere 15 minutes. Easy peasy!

  1. It helps your business SEO marketing

SEO refers to the process of determining the ranking your site gets on search engine’s unpaid results (aka organic search). Basically, you want to get as high up that page as you possibly can.

A well-executed and regularly updated blog can be of tremendous help with this. Because you know what Google and other search engines love, a lot? Content. Frequently published, high-quality content.

If you post consistently and caringly, you’ll gain a much stronger position in search engine’s rankings and reach out to more potential customers as a consequence. Network with similar blogs and scatter around certain keywords and phrases people might type in when looking for a business like yours in your area.

These few crucial steps highly increase the chances of your future customer finding out about you by stumbling upon your blog.

  1. It drives traffic to your other sites

“Not only do companies with blogs get 97% more inbound links than others, but B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those who don’t.”, states a report on content marketing by Triblio.

In plain words, a blog is like a pointing arrow directing people towards your website and other online places with your presence, like social media. It drives traffic to your other sites and puts you on the map, thus helping you generate leads and attract more business.

  1. Content gets the spotlight

Technical aspects of online marketing strategies like SEO or lead generation are, granted, very important. However, it’s the content you put on there that truly makes a difference and gathers followers.

We cannot stress this enough: content matters, now more than ever. No fluffy slogans, cliches or hard selling – but good, well thought-out, substantial content. People see right through those who sell loudly and conspicuously, and then they run away, far and fast.

Instead of hassled, they want to feel heard and understood.  A blog is the best platform out there to do that and build your credibility.

Much like a humongous online library, the Internet is now the first destination for individuals rummaging through websites and blogs for help, advice, information and professional tips.

Provide them with just that; come up with easy-to-follow tutorials, tips or FAQ sessions on some common problems your business can solve. Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in your posts; your audience will recognise it and reward you with both their clicks and their trust.

  1. It’s an opportunity to share

If you’re present on social media sites, your blog will fix you up with great stuff you can share further on your Facebook or Twitter page, always keeping them lively and diverse. What’s more, social media is one of the best ways to promote to your bog as your posts can then be liked, retweeted, commented and shared further by your audience.

Think of them not only as your customers, but also as your unofficial marketing team helping you spread the word.

  1. It can turn the odds in your favour

When a client is choosing between you and another business who doesn’t have a blog, it’s most likely he or she will go for you. You’ll be quite a known face or name to them already, which is good because people tend to instinctively go for the familiar – even if they’ve only seen a photo of you on your blog.

This principle, however, works only if you can back it up with high-quality blog content. Once you do, that’s when you’ve struck gold.

  1. It makes you stand out

We’ve already established that times have changed, and great content is of paramount importance. What’s key to this is showing your human side. Blogging for your business does just that; it displays a more personal side of you and your staff to your clients.

Offer an insight into your day-to-day practice routines and activities, and blog it out of the water!

A shot of an office birthday celebration, or a selfie that shows you diligently working are bound to knock it out of the park. Do not fret; it won’t make you look unprofessional in front of your clients. Instead, it will tell people you are a human being they can trust and relate to.

Soon enough, you won’t be perceived as just another business owner or, worse, a generic service provider. Inject your personality into what you write to prove you’re not just running a good business, but are also a pleasant and easy-going person who makes their clients feel at ease.  

To bring it to a close…

In today’s digital landscape, we’re inundated by mountains of content – but most of it cold, impersonal, bland. That’s why you need to think outside the box and be different. Your honesty and authenticity will not go unnoticed, and Google will beef up your SEO ratings in return.

Before you know it, you’ll not only be maintaining bonds with existing clients on your blog, but drawing in plenty of new ones.

If you want to go through all the nitty-gritty of the benefit of integrated marketing services with us, book your free consultation session. We like to see our clients thrive, so let’s meet and discuss the best marketing strategy for you and your blog.